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The PDP-8/OS-8 version of the classic Adventure Game ("You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"!) can be run on either WinEight or the SBC6120 and you can download an IDE image.  This image contains these files:

bulletADVENT.LD -> compiled FORTRAN binary
bulletADVENT.TX -> travel tables for Adventure (don't peek!!)
bulletADVENT.DC -> instructions for loading Adventure

No source files are available - as far as I know they have been lost. If you have the source for the PDP-8/OS-8 Adventure, please please please contact me!

To run ADVENT.LD and create ADVENT.SV, follow the instructions in ADVENT.DC.  There is one error in these instructions - where it tells you to type


to create the binary travel tables, you really need to type


A small difference, but a critical one!

Here are a couple of other warnings to keep in mind:

bulletADVENT (actually, the entire FORTRAN-IV run time system) won't work with the IOB6120!  If you have an IOB6120, you'll have to remove it before you can run Adventure. Sorry. Jim Kearney is already aware of this problem.
bulletYou must have the F4 runtime system, FRTS.SV on SYS:
bulletBecause of the overlay system, you can only save and run ADVENT.SV from SYS:. Don't try to put it on any other device! ADVENT.DA, however, can go anywhere.
bulletIt's not super fast and the PDP-8 is not exactly a 2GHz CPU, so don't give up too quickly. Creating ADVENT.DA takes a couple of minutes on the SBC6120.  [With any reasonable PC, it actually runs much faster on WinEight!]  Now, if somebody would just build a FPP8 for the SBC6120...

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